Being an Eco-Warrior does not mean you have to invest in a bunch of fancy and expensive things. However, finding some gems to keep with you can make life easier and also more fun! Here are some brands I’ve fallen in love with over that years and that I try to keep close in my everyday zero-waste and eco-conscious life!



Water is everything, when you think about it, yet it’s a thing of luxury for too many people today. Which is why I love SOMA. Not only do they provide sustainable and BPA free products to help me get clean drinking water and to lower my impact on the go, but for each new filter they help people in need get water through their non-profit partnership with Charity:Water.

Recycled glass, bamboo and BPA-free plastics. Filtered water from your own tap. Freshly brewed coffee on the go and stylish products for your kitchen and purse - just a few reasons to why I’ve fallen in love with this brand!

Full Circle Composting-2.jpg

Composting Kit

40 % of all food produced get’s thrown away and a lot of that food ends up in our landfills, not being able to decompose. Instead, it sits there and create tons of methane, which is a huge contributor to global warming.

Be smart about your food waste and with whatever you do still create, make sure it gets composted! You can either start one at home or find a nearby composting facility, and if you want to make it a mess free and fun, check out Full Circle’s composting collection.

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Beeswax Wraps

Who would want to wrap her food in toxic plastic? Not me! Which is why I’ve fallen in love with beeswax wraps that are so easy to use and that keep your fruits and veggies fresh in the fridge. You just wrap your food in there, crumble it up and it’ll stick together, like magic in a way ;) Works for covering bowls and plates too and you can get a variety of sizes. To me it’s a no brainer - no toxic plastic touching my food, please!


Reusable Produce Bags

One of my main missions for 2018 was to cut down on the amount of plastic I brought home just from buying food and I did some local research to find out what stores offer veggies and fruit unwrapped in plastic or grains offered in bulk. I love grocery shopping nowadays, and almost always do I get complements for these gorgeous bags I use for everything form broccoli to apples and baby spinach. Who needs disposable plastic bags when you can shop food in such style?


Bamboo straws and utensil kit from Your Straw

A very simple way to cut down on everyday waste is to make sure you always have a kit of utensils and (if you’re one of those ice coffee, green juice or cocktail people) a reusable straw! Every day in America alone, 500 MILLION straws are being used and thrown away, how insane is that? Make sure to sip and dine your to-go foods in style by investing in a bamboo kit that you can use for (who knows?) a lifetime…

My personal favorite brand is Your Straw and you can shop their stuff here!


CO2 Negative Water Bottle Made from Sugar Cane

I can’t NOT love this water bottle form Yuhme. It’s made from sugarcane in a process that is actually regenerative, leaving it with a negative CO2 footprint. It’s light weight, super leak proof, dishwasher safe AND for each bottle sold they give 6 months clean water to someone in need!