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Hello there. I’m Anne Therese, a former NYC model, the founder of ethical modeling agency , host of the podcast Hey Change, and a stubborn believer in collective, positive change.

So glad you found me! Please send me an email if you want to connect, and learn more about me and my mission in my personal story below.

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My journey to a Stubborn Climate Optimist

Growing up in Sweden, I always enjoyed spending time out in the wild, experiencing all the magic that the universe had to offer. My appreciation for nature led me to seek new ways to live a more sustainable and eco-conscious life, so that I can continue to respect our Mother when I today live in a pretty urbanized world. In cultivating my many passions, I realized the best way to describe myself is as a Stubborn Climate Optimist. It’s through that positive attitude that I approach the world each and every day.

So, with my love for the planet, I made it my mission to change the world and moved to NYC to receive my masters in Branding & Integrated Communications at City College of New York.  At the same time I was getting my degree, I was also managing my career as a model. I knew that modeling could one day give me the platform I wanted to use my voice and inspire others.

But a signed model in New York and still lacking that voice I wanted in order to inspire, I decided to pause my studies and fully focus on creating my dream: a platform of talented and beautiful individuals who want to use their voices for good. Later that year, my business partner Val Emanuel and I gave birth to Role Models Management - an ethical model and talent agency on a mission to redefine what it means to be a model.

There is so much positivity to be discovered throughout our lifetime.  In my journey to inspire, educate, and promote a more compassionate future, the podcast Hey Change was born.   

It’s important that we choose to see positivity and hope, over negativity and fear. I believe we have the ability to make a change in this world. We're all in this together and we need to empower, help and inspire each other to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be.  Not just for ourselves, but for the planet, the animals, and for every beautiful human who walks this Earth with us.

So come, walk with me, and let's embrace some powerful and breathtakingly beautiful change!

Xx, Anne Therese


Eco-Warrior & Stubborn Climate Optimist

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