Hey You


Are you ready for change? Are you ready to embrace a new version of yourself and start living that life you know is out there? Are you asking yourself where to start or how to stay motivated?  I get it, change is hard. Trust me - I know!! But it's also the foundation of every single amazing thing you'll ever experience in your life. I'm confident enough to say that I don't believe you should embrace change, I actually think you need to. Not just for yourself and to everyone around you, but for the entire planet as well.

Hey Change, is about finding the curiosity and courage inside us to get out there and seek the new and unknown. I don't believe we're meant to be the same person our whole lives and the sooner we realize that, the sooner we can open our hearts to all the magic the Universe has to offer.

So for you, your future, and our precious planet -  let's get out there and explore a more empowered version of the happier, healthier person you've always wanted to be.

I’m currently not recording any new episodes as other things in life - like my modeling agency, for example - are asking for a lot more of my time and attention. BUT there are 48 super empowering and inspiring on the feed already so dive in and embrace the change and stay tuned for more to come in the future! You find links to the different platforms below :)

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