San Francisco Bans the Plastic Straw - YAY!

Earlier this month I joined local politicians and fellow environmentalis on the steps of City Hall in the rally to ban the plastic straws, amongst other unnecessary things, in San Francisco. The issue has now been voten unanimously in our favor and the city has determined to ban straws, stirrers, and other plastic utensils from San Francisco restaurants and vendors. Hooray!!

Read more about the topic here:

I also want to emphasize here that the ban is directed to regular people who actually do not need a straw. It has been brought to many of ours attention that there is a disabled community out ther who can not consume beverages out unless they are served with a plastic straw, but the city has promised to make sure there are exceptions available for those in need.

Now let's move forward, what city should be next?? :)

San Francisco Ban Plastic Straws


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