Bring some magic to your home and remember what's important!

Hello friends!

Have you ever been on a hike in the middle of the woods or at a beach at sunset and wished that you could capture that moment and keep it forever? I know I have, many times, and that is why I need to share with you a company called Fracture.

Fracture offers your personal photos printed on glass, delivered to your door, and with easy wall installations so that you can hang that moment of magic wherever you prefer in your home. In other words - you can truly capture that moment and then look at it and remember the magic daily! I decided to print this stunning and mystical shot I took during one of our hikes a couple of months ago, a hike when we were captured in the mist of the Northern California fog and I remember thinking to myself “wow, I’ll never again see anything like it.” I ordered a print with Fracture and both my husband and I agree, it certainly gives a touch of mystique and wonder to our home.

Every time I see that picture in our kitchen I smile because it reminds me of time spent in the outdoors with the person I love. It also reminds me that there is so much beauty in this world that we have to fight for and keep protecting, so having that picture on my kitchen wall gives me the purpose I need to keep going it at it every single day. It’s like my own personal reminder to why I’ve chosen this path, the path where I dedicate my time to “help save the world”.

If you have your own moment of magic that you’d like to see and remember as your daily life goes on then I highly suggest you check out Fracture. Fracture responibly recycles all glass that isn’t being used and they’re very mindful with their shipment and packaging. And, which is the most important part, they’re all about bringing nature to your home!

Go to and use the code ANNETHERESE10 to get 10 % off! AND, for a chance to win $135 in print, share on your Instagram how you’re spending a day out in nature OR how you’re doing something to help fight for it, like bringing your own cup to the coffee store, joining a beach-cleanup, or picking up some trash while jogging. Post on your IG and make sure to use the hashtag #FocusOnMoments and tag us both, @AnneThereseBengtsson and @FractureMe, so that we don’t miss you.

Good luck and don’t forget about the magic!