Elevating Women in STEM with the Green Girls

Original Source: Mashable 

In the U.S., women hold only 24 percent of STEM jobs despite making up 47 percent of the workforce, according to a 2017 report issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Green Girls Director of Education Chrissy Word thinks the gap has its roots in early education. 

“Female students and students of color have gotten messages in different ways that, when it comes to science, they should step back and shouldn’t put themselves out there,” she told Mashable.

Word’s sentiment is backed by research. A New York University study from last year found six-year-old girls less likely than boys to see their gender as “really, really smart,” suggesting these gender stereotypes start early. Green Girls administrators were aware of these issues when planning the curriculum. By creating safe spaces, providing female role models, and emphasizing growth, they see their program as uniquely poised to boost girls’ confidence.

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