2018 - What an Amazing, Positive Year!

Guys, we’re about to wrap up yet another year and I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the most positive facts and news we’ve come across these past twelve months. It’s important to reflect on all the progressive work being done in this world so we can choose to see the good over the bad. Because only then can we fuel ourselves with the positivity and ambition we need to move our world forward!

So, before we ring in a change making, ground breaking, bootey shaking 2019, let’s look back at what this year has had to offer us stubborn climate optimists! :)


The Ocean Cleanup

It has been launched - a ship equipped to travel the world and pick up plastic from our oceans - hallelujah!! The project is currently in testing mode but you can follow the journey and see how they’re doing at their website.

A solution for recycling plastic - let’s make fuel!

A Utah based Renewlogy has come up with the idea of taking plastic (that China no longer wants to accept from the US) and take it pack to it’s purest form - oil. My first thought was that “hm, not sure if more oil that will put CO2 into the air is a good thing…” but then I suppose it’s better than fracking for new natural gas from our Earth. So until we find ourselves in a world without plastic and cars run on 100% renewable energy, this is a pretty good idea!

Dominica to Ban Single Use Plastic

By January 2019, Dominica, home to 70,000 people, plans to fully ban all common plastic and styrofoam single-use food containers. YESSS! And they’re not the only ones leading this trend, San Francisco among other cities and big brands have decided to ban single-use plastics starting 2019 - did I hear the whispers of a revolution… ?

Replacing plastic with algae

And since we’re decided on the fact that we DO NOT like plastic, a thing we are so dependent on in modern days, this is how we can save the problem: algae! It’s not only NOT harmful for the planet but algae plants are super efficient for sucking carbon out of the air. WIN-WIN-WIN!



It’s official - vegan is the new thing!

“We’re in a sweet moment right now—everyone’s paying attention. The dollars are telling the story.”

The vegan revolution is here, and there are fortunes to be made. So-called alternative proteins are the fastest-growing segment of the food industry, and overall sales of vegan items in the U.S. rose 20 percent from 2017 to the middle of this year, reaching $3.3 billion. YAY YAY YAY! Read more about these amazing news in this article by Bloomberg.

Soil just might be what will save us

One of the most exciting things I’ve learned this year is that by treating our soil correctly (nourishing it, not depleting it) we can actually create a living organism that will help suck all the carbon out of the air. Because the thing is that too much carbon is not the issue, carbon being misplaced and chilling in the wrong biosphere is. So if we can bring it back to where it belongs - the GROUND - we will have found the answer to all our prayers. In other words - take a stand for sustainable and regenerative farming! I also highly encourage you to read the book!


Supersized Solar Farms are Sprouting around The World!

“The bigger the better” is a phrase we LOVE to hear when it has to do with renewable energy. Turns our that bigger projects are more cost effective for installing solar panel farms and so the likes are sprouting all over the world right now - Egypt, China, Europe… YAY! Read more here.

California goes all in - 100% renewable energy by 2045

Leading this trend of GREEN is the state of California that has committed to going 100% renewable energy by 2045. Might seem far into the future BUT, wow, what an amazing standard for others to follow, and hopefully we’ll be up to 50% in only a few years!


California requires women on corporate boards

More good news from California (what a super state?!) - they’re not the first state to require publicly traded companies to include women on their board of directors, one of many laws boosting or protecting women that were signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

The author of the California measure on corporate boards, SB 826, said she believes having more women in power could help reduce sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

Having more women on the boards also will make companies more successful, state Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson said. Women tend to be more collaborative and are better at multitasking, the Santa Barbara Democrat said.



Fashion made from pineapple waste?

Yep, that’s right! The many ways fashion can be made these days is pretty fascinating and this year we’re extra stoked about this new innovation that will turn waste from pineapple trees, banana plants and farm waste into textiles for making clothes, among other things.

And since we’re talking fashion.. Hemp is finally legalized!

And that isn’t just good news for sustainable fashion but for the CBD bizznezz as well…

Green Fashion is the New Black

Ok let’s wrap up this positive movement in fashion. It’s no longer just a wish amongst eco-warriors and vintage hunters - sustainable and conscious fashion is here to be a thing. All the big magazines are talking about it and brands are starting to follow suit. En garde, fast fashion, cause you’re soon to be a thing of the past!



And, finally, 6 ways ordinary people can prevent climate change (written by NBC news).

  1. Waste less food

  2. Eat less factory-farmed red meat

  3. Consume less energy and water

  4. Call and meet with your representatives

  5. Open a dialogue and find common ground


So with that my friends, let’s bring on a positive, change making and empowering 2019!



Anne Therese Hey Change