The Eco-Warrior Gift Guide

The time of love and giving is here. Hallelujah! But how do we make this time about, not just buying as much as we can, but about bringing some actual change and love into our world? Because not is it only a time of love, but it’s a perfect opportunity to spread awareness and introduce the people you care about into brands that can make this world a bit better, one conscious action at a time!

So here’s a list to my favorite sustainable and ethical brands with gift ideas for him, her, or the forever so cool and ethical couple.

For the Conscious Babe


Natural and Sustainable active wear and yoga clothes for the conscious yogini. Vyayama is all about creating stretchy clothes in a revolutionary way, bringing products to the market that are not just good to you but the planet as well!

The Perfect T

“Babe on a misson” printed on an organic cotton T made with ethical and sustainable standards? I don’t know what better way to tell her that you see her and support her mission. Give her the T-shirt that will make her feel like the empowered babe that she is

Clean Beauty

MünSkin is my personal favorite beauty routine for morning and night. Their collection is made of natural, cruelty free products and their packaging is minimalistic and conscious. The perfect gift for any conscious beauty queen!

Vegan Handbags

What better way to wear a (cruelty-free) statement than the bag you carry in your hand? I’m obsessed with my own bag from Filbert, a California based company making vegan handbags that are mindfully made and ethically curated.

Tonlé: Zero-Waste Fashion

Made from scrap materials that would otherwise go to waste in big fashion houses, the whole collection at Tonlé is made with innovative designs, ethical standards and beautiful patterns. IN LOVE!

Vegan & Sustainable Makeup

A girl always need makeup but it can be hard to find a brand that is cruelty-free, toxin-free and sustainable. Which is why I’m so thrilled about Elate Beauty, a clean and guilty-free beauty brand with sustainable packaging. The perfect gift for any conscious lady!

Hand-Woven Ethical Backpack

EstWst create beautiful backpacks hand-woven in Nepal and made from sustainable, natural and recycled materials. My own backpack comes with me everywhere I go and I’ve loved it from day one!

Alyned Together

Sustainable and body inclusive swim wear made from recycled materials, this new brand from New York is all about changing standards and making it trendy to care about our precious planet. Shop now for 50% off on holiday promotion!

For the Eco-Warrior Dude

Alamere Designs

Sustainably designed and produced in California, this men’s jacket is the perfect gift for your conscious man or brother. Light weight, warm and stylish it works in all environments - Yosemite mountains to a date night downtown!

Industry Of All Nations

Bring the industry back to it’s original countries, that’s the mission behind IOAN, a company on a mission to bring ethically, sustainably and passionately made products to its consumers. Natural dies and soft alpaca, you can’t go wrong here!

Thug Kitchen Cook Book

Wanna nudge to some help in the kitchen? This plant-based cook book is so good I don’t even know where to begin. No more excuses, only simple vegan meals delivered in your own kitchen. The gift that keeps giving? Maybe, that’s up to the cook…

Unisex Stuff for Whoever

Plastic-Free Shaving

I personally think this is the perfect gift to any man (or woman). Because not only do you help reduce plastic waste on this planet, but don’t you agree that this stainless steel shaver is so much fancier than any other product out there? Let’s shave in style!

Reebok’s Eco-Sneakers

Ever since we got a pair of these cotton & corn sneakers we’ve had so many comments on how they fly they look, and that’s before people know they’re made from 100% natural plant-based materials! Unisex and so amazing, check them out!

Samsonite Eco-Glide

With fabrics made from 100% recycled PET bottles I think this is the most eco-friendly suitcase out there. New innovation mixed with Samsonite’s design and expertise makes this suitcase a joy to bring on your trip, and they come in 4 different sizes!

That Plastic-Free Life


“The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Bottle on a Mission”. True? YES! How? Made from sugarcane, this water bottle create NEGATIVE CO2 commissions, and for each bottle sold they give 6 months of water to people in need. Do I need to say more?

Bee’s Wax Wraps

No more plastic in the kitchen! With these eco-friendly, reusable and biodegradable wraps you can keep your food fresh with the lowest impact possible. Plus, isn’t the pattern sooo cute?


How to drink your coffee in style? Show up to your favorite coffee shop with your own reusable cup! No styrofoam in the landfills, no spill, keep your coffee hot for longer, look fabulously eco-stylish as you stroll down the street. Gift of the year?

Your Straw

Stop sucking - it’s time to skip the (plastic) straw and start saving our oceans. And bamboo is an excellent material for making stuff, since it generates about 35% more oxygen than a standard set of trees!

Goods Holding Co

Want to start the new year with another plastic-free commitment? Then start buying as much as you can in bulk! These amazing glass jars from Goods Holding Co come with the tare weight printed on them, how smart??

Produce Shopping Bags

More options for your zero-waste lifestyle, this reusable produce bags will make your shopping trip to the store so much more fulfilling and fun! No need for plastic bags folk, join the reuse revolution!

Conscious + Mindful Home

Avocado Green

Did you know that most pillows and mattresses are made from toxic materials that offers into your home when you sleep? Not too comforting, is it? So what better gift to give someone you love than these amazing, natural pillows from Avocado Green? I’ve never slept so good in my whole life!

Smarter Taps

Same tap, 98% less water! Is it possible? You bet - and this little installment from Altered: Company is an incredible gift idea to, well, anybody!! A gift that can help save the world? This just might be it…

Project Full

Organic, natural and BEAUTIFUL meditation pillows anyone? I am so obsessed with these kits from Project Full and it has honestly taken my meditation game to a whole new lever. If you know anyone who loves the mindful lifestyle - or - who wishes to get better at the practice, this is a really good gift idea!

RAD Roller - Massage at Home

Do you ever feel stiff and in need of some deep tissue massage? You’re probably not alone. When I first tried these simple products from RAD I thought I’d come to heaven - THE gift to anyone this Xmas!


Organic and sustainable textiles for the eco-warrior home, Coyuchi (a California based company) have all you might think of for a gift to the couple who seem to have it all. Blankets, towels, pillow cases and cozy clothing for a snuggly day inside, can you think of a better conscious gift this holiday season?

VEGA - Empowering Coffee

VEGA is a new way of making coffee, empowering and educating small coffee bean farmers to help them earn more money, and you get your coffee fresh to your door. Gift for the COFFEE LOVER!

Books to Devour


The bible for any eco-warrior home. Drawdown is the one book that has given me hope again, providing no less than 100 solutions to how we can reverse global warming.

Rise & Resist

Crossing the globe, Clare Press meets passionate change-makers who believe in the power of the positive. From eco warriors and zero wasters to knitting nannas, they’re all up for a revolution of sorts. Are you?

Kiss The Ground

“The soil just might be what will save us. But we have to save the soil first.” If you had an interest in food before, this book will without doubt change your game forever, a must have in any conscious library!

Climate - A New Story

Flipping the script on climate change, Eisenstein makes a case for a wholesale reimagining of the framing, tactics, and goals we employ in our journey to heal from ecological destruction.

ECO Renaissance

Can sustainable be sexy? Can caring for our planet be stylish and cool? You bet, and in this book by Eco-Pioneer Marci Zaroff she tells you how. Be prepared to not look at eco-life the same way again.


“Less but better. What it takes to become an essentialist.” THE book for anyone trying to do too many things or stressing over life in general. I’ve already read it not twice but three times, it’s life changing.

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Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

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